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You killed Jim Halpert

The Office (US) Icons
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This is a community for icons and assorted fan art for the Emmy-winning, American version of The Office. How is this different from the other Office icon community? Well, when I created this because I wanted to focus solely on the US version, back before it got huge. I'm keeping it around now because, well, one can never get enough of The Office, right?

There are just a few rules here:

1. Only three icons are allowed outside a cut or link. Any large graphics- wallpaper, banners, etc.- must be behind a cut.
1a. If you choose to post preview icons, and your post is multi-fandom, at least one of the icons must be from The Office, provided that it's not too spoilery. Speaking of which:
2. Anything with potential spoilers must be behind a cut/link up until after a new episode airs on the West Coast. After that, it's fair game. If you feel this is too short, you can still hide it, of course.
3. Any requests for icons or screen caps should be accompanied with at least one icon.
4. Community promos: if it's Office-related, that's okay. Anything else is gone.

That's it. Enjoy!